Work From Home: 5 Steps to Earn More Money

With the United States reopening after lockdown, interest in natural health products has skyrocketed. You may be like hundreds of thousands of others still stuck at home and living on a quarter or half or even less of what your income once was.

Now is a better time than ever to start a CBD business. Starting a CBD business can seem daunting, even overwhelming. We get it. You’re talking to people who’ve done it themselves! That’s why Paul Shockley and David Schacter, co-founders of Green Valley Market, are sharing these 5 steps to make the process less daunting and help you start earning a supplemental income through a CBD business.

1. What’s Your Why?

Every successful company needs to have a purpose. There’s a reason you’ve decided to start a CBD business. Knowing the answer will help you make vital decisions to your company’s success.

2. Who’s Your Target Market?

The more niche your audience, the higher quality sales you will make. Its not feasible to advertise to everyone. You wouldn’t market a pet product to a yoga studio, would you? Knowing the answer will help you set up and market your shop.

3. Get The Invite

Click the button below to be invited to join the fastest growing ecommerce trend in the CBD industry: the CBD Wheel. You’ll receive information on the affiliate, professional, or enterprise membership, depending on your “Why” from question one.

4. Set Up Shop

Set up your Green Valley Market CMS (client management system), your CBD Wheel, and products. Set up shop through your website or use the Green Valley Market platform as a website in itself.

5. Market Your Business

Consistency is key to build trust in your business. Set a schedule for posting to social media and sending emails. Invite people to join your pages and groups to learn more about specific products. If you are not getting the engagement you want, consider paid advertising.

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