What does it take to open
your own CBD store?

All it takes is $50/Month to access Your Favorite Brands of CBD and Sell Them Online

We like to keep it simple.
No red tape. No inventory. No risk. No hidden costs. Unlimited access to everything Green Valley has to offer. Earn 15% of every sale through your CBD dropshipping store. It’s that easy.

How It Works

Green Valley Affiliates helps you create your CBD store with a dropshipping option. This means you do not have to buy inventory upfront. You do not have to maintain inventory. You, basically, do not have to spend an enormous sum of money upfront…or ever.

With a one-time setup fee and low monthly maintenance fee, we give you your CBD store. All you have to do in order to set up your own personal CBD brand is to sign up as an affiliate with GVA, set up the platform, and start selling. The GVA platform takes care of everything else: product regulation, ecommerce setup, packaging, and shipping. You simply earn money on the products you already love.

Step 1

Add the CBD eCommerce Wheel to your website or create a landing page on the Green Valley Platform.

Step 2

Choose your niche products and promote your store to your network.

Step 3

When your network buys, you earn money from anywhere!

What Are You Waiting For?

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