Importance of Identifying Your Niche

There’s an old saying in marketing: if you are talking to everyone, you are talking to no one. At its essence, this is saying that you can’t be everything for everyone and you can’t compete with everyone. You have a greater chance of success if you build out a niche for your business.

Another reason to identify your niche is as a motivator for your branding and language. Your store should look, talk, and sell the products that appeal to the exact person you are trying to reach.

When it comes to CBD, Green Valley Market makes it easy to create a store that caters specifically for your niche. For yoga studios, you may want to sell products that appeal to the yoga lifestyle. Veterinarians want to sell pet products. Estheticians want to sell beauty products. See where we are going with this?

Here’s a video that describes how to choose the products for your store that will most appeal to your niche. Take a watch and if you need help setting up your store, please reach out by booking an appointment here.

If you already have your store set up, share it with us by posting the link on our Facebook page here.

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